Welcome to Aldarra Golf Club. We hope you enjoy your time here. To help make your Aldarra experience more enjoyable, we’d like to familiarize you with a few of the rules that may differ from those of other private clubs.

Proper Attire

Upon visiting Aldarra Golf Club, all members and their guests, regardless of the purpose of the visit, shall be suitably dressed in traditional business or golf attire. Members are responsible for their guests being properly attired.
  • All: Do not change shoes or clothing in the parking lot, and do not wear golf towels on person. Traditional golf headwear is acceptable, but not worn backward. Headwear is not allowed in the clubhouse.
  • Men: Golf shoes with soft spikes, long or short-sleeve collared shirts (shirts must be tucked in), sweaters, golf or casual-type slacks or shorts with an inseam of not less than eight inches. 
  • Women: Golf shoes with soft spikes, blouses, sweaters, skirts, slacks, or shorts worn with an inseam of not less than eight inches. Traditional golf headwear, not worn backwards.
  • Juniors & Intermediates: All junior and intermediate members must adhere to the dress code respective to their gender.

The following attire is not acceptable for anyone at any time: Jeans, tank-tops, halter-tops, cut-off pants, tennis shorts, bathing suits, tee shirts, warm-up suits or gym attire, and business logos. Members and their guests so attired will be asked to dress appropriately before being allowed to use club facilities.

Electronics Policy
  • Cell phone calls are acceptable in the locker room or inside your car.
  • Talking on the phone in the grill, on the range, or in front of the clubhouse is prohibited.
  • Discreet texting and emailing is generally acceptable. Please use discretion.
  • Laptop computers may be used only in the locker room.
  • Music speakers are not allowed on the range or golf course (headphones are ok).

Pace of Play
  • We ask that you keep pace just behind the group ahead of you, not just ahead of the group behind you.
  • Pace of play should be less than 4 hours and in no event more than 4 hours and 15 minutes.

Power Carts
  • Do not drive in the native grass.
  • Blue stake: Enter the fairway.
  • Yellow stake: Exit the fairway.
  • Stay off steep hills and tops of bunkers.
  • When driving up the hole, please drive in the fairway.
  • Carts must stay on paths on all par 3's and on Hole 4.
  • Please keep carts at least 50 yards away from greens.

On Course
  • Replace your divots.
  • Repair your ball mark and one other.

Respect The Game
Respect The Course
Respect Each Other